Wednesday, October 10, 2007

minus fourteen

Two weeks. 14 days. Counting weekends. Feels like an eternity. Feels like tomorrow.

For the first time I haven't been able to find a '14' picture. I'll post my 'four butterflies' shot, instead. Imagine the plants as the missing additional 'ten' element. Nonessential Equipment posted a beautiful butterfly shot a few days ago, which somehow opened my eyes to the swarm of monarchs (monarchs? gorgeous orange butterflies whatever kind they are - with polka dots, thank you very much) all over our volunteer asters. There must have been 20 of them.

The king laughed at me yesterday evening as I chased around the aster patch, trying to capture them in a picture. They kept fluttering off and not cooperating at all.

Well - the housekeepers arrived early (has it been a week already?!) and so I'm cut loose for a few hours to (1) return library books, (2) look for a gown for a formal wedding we're attending 1st week of November (life-after-dissertation), (3) go to the college library and get some page citations for an article I found online that is helpful, and (4) maybe one other fun thing. Like pick up more Wintergreen Altoids. I fear I'm addicted.

This afternoon? Back to Hope and Meaning. Hoo buoy. . . . .

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Butterfly Wife said...

What a lovely picture. Thank you for directly me here for a peek. It is always nice when people think about me when they see butterflies. (Deeply touching, actually.)