Friday, October 5, 2007

minus 19 - Johnny U!

It's after midnight, so officially into day minus-19. Oh joy.

And I am an idiot to have thought I could get this chapter done and sent off to Magda by Friday - which means sometime before noon U.S. time. . . . If I'm still coherent by then.

Don't get me started.

Back to the lesson of the ants. One sentence at a time. The good news is that there are over 20,000 words in the last chapter! The bad news is that much of it needs to be cut.

More good news: I'm getting a whole lot better at cutting stuff!

Bad news? I'm still pretty psycho about sticking my neck out in writing on philosophical overviews - and that's what largely remains. At some point I'm going to have to stop quoting everybody else and actually say something. sigh.

I'm a boring blob tonight. I actually knit and watched the new season CSI where Gil and Sarah come clean on the fact that they've been having a romantic relationship. Other than that - yawn - not one of the better episodes.

I found these way cool buttons yesterday - yesterday? OK, Wednesday. Whenever that was. They're big and off-square and remind me of Dr. Seuss. And I like 'em! They're going on the scholar's collar. I'll have to take a picture when it's all done.

Dinner tonight was Chinese. And I feel like a 5 year-old, carefully rehearsing the details of my life. . . . At least I think that's what 5 year olds do. I don't have regular access to any 5 year old - or any other child either, for that matter. Can you imagine?! No I can not. . . . But I have friends who tell me it's the best thing they ever did. Well - absent a miracle - it doesn't look like I'll ever be doing that. Altho I did read the other day that a woman in . . . . Brazil?. . . . gave birth to her daughter's child. So: her grandchild. This is creepy wierd. I don't know about all this. That's just gotta leave a mark. You know?

And I can't figure out the women who are giving birth at like 50 and 60 years old? What are they thinking?! Doesn't it seem just a little irresponsible to give birth to a child you might not be able to raise to adulthood? Money doesn't cover everything, you know. It almost seems like children are becoming more and more like pets. Whats-her-face Jolie is adopting another - or was that Madonna? - and women at the age of retirement are going to 3rd world countries for in vitro so they can have a kid to entertain their 'golden years'. And is it just me, but what is it with the new term "baby bump"? Man. That makes it sound like the latest fashion accessory.

Reeling it back in here, thought I'd post day 19 before I pass out. Who knows when I'll get another chance. A bit of a break is nice. And it was fun looking for a number 19, and then remembering Johnny Unitas. Colts. What a guy.

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