Thursday, October 4, 2007

minus 20 - the gray drear. . . .

I don't know how the atmosphere managed the fog this morning, we haven't had rain in weeks, it feels like. I would have though the earth and plants would have sucked any moisture out of the aire well before it could transform into fog.

But no.

This morning was misty magic. Shattered at 7:23 by the idiot across the way who started up his leaf blower.

I have no words to describe my opinion of that. . . . 'person'. . . .

Already today I've sorted out questions of printing and binding, coordinating with a variety of people in 2 different countries and arranging for a complex delivery sortie involving personal friends. FedEx in Ireland is NOT the FedEx we have come to "know and trust" here in the States. In Ireland "guaranteed overnight" means something entirely different than what most English speakers would imagine, namely something that would include delivery the next day, guaranteed.

No. In Ireland it means that it might be somewhere in Ireland by the next day, but where it might be would be anyone's guess, although they can track it for you if you like, to try and tell you exactly where it is, while it is busy not being where it was addressed to be. . . . "So sorry." The Irish postal service is worse. They take even longer and have no idea where the package is in the meantime, until it shows up. If it shows up.

So: I will not be using any regular mail delivery service. I have two options: get everything printed here and ship it over with friend A who heads back the 27th. Or it appears I can email the files to a dissertation copy service a few blocks from college and get them to print & bind (sight unseen - oh, shiver!) and get friend B to pick them up and turn them in.

It's nice to have options.

I found a motherlode of historical cites and background info yesterday, while I was out, avoiding the housekeepers. This was good, because the bald recitation that is the beginning of this last chapter was not making it on its own. I learned something as well. There's a big dispute going on as to whether or not America was founded as a quote-unquote Christian nation. I don't have to address that particular issue, but I was quite amazed to see the presuppositions in all of the State Constitutions - and the Federal one, as well - about the existence of God, and their perception of the privilege or right (or 'duty' in some instances it was phrased) to "worship" him. An early 'religious tolerance' act - in Maryland, 1649 - actually starts out by providing a death sentence to anyone who blasphemes, denies, or "speekes reproachfully" about God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit! Other than that, though, every person ought to be free to worship as he best sees fit. . . . Right. "Tolerance."

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Well, I may have tolerance for a shift in the time/space continuum, but I don't know that chapter 5 will - or does - so I'd better continue wrestling it out of time and space, one little word at at time. And. . . . . away we go!

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