Monday, June 22, 2009

frivolous defense

How is it that one can spend a half million dollars for a defense against frivolous claims of ethical violations?

If they're frivolous claims, what defense is necessary?

Now there's a concept for you! The Frivolous Defense.

What if, like those penalized for bringing a frivolous lawsuit to begin with, those who engage in excess "defense" would be denied their attorney's fees? No fund, then, for Sarah Palin, for allowing her lawyers to run up a cool half-mil in fees for allegedly defending ridiculous claims! As for the lawyers themselves, there is an ethical provision that one bills for work that is reasonably necessary. I'm thinking it's just not necessary to gear up for all-out warfare, when only frivolous allegations are being aired. That's the proverbial killing an ant with a cannon - or however that saying goes. Overkill, in other words.