Friday, October 5, 2007

cat + water + laptop = %&*#(!!!!!

When the king woke me after 3 hours sleep, it was to gently tell me that he'd mopped the puddle of water off my laptop and didn't think it was too bad, but the papers on the dining room table were pretty wet. I'd shut the lid on my computer when I decided I needed a few hours sleep before I could finish the last chapter and send it off to Magda - who wanted it by end of work day [hers] today. When I shut down, I didn't think to move my water glass. I never move my water glass. I always have a glass of something next to me!

That blasted cat! I guess she decided to go walkabout on the dining room table. She never does that. . . .

The computer was dead. When I opened it, it had condensation inside. . . .

Phone calls; no tears [I thought about it - as I also considered feline violence - but what good would it do? Not to mention I was just too tired]; consults with the local geek; hair dryers; waiting; more blow drying; start work on something else; finally email Magda and tell her the stranger-than-fiction truth about the cat-about. . . . (at least it wasn't a dog that ate it!) sigh.

I think I fried the battery, but after blow-drying every 10 minutes and allowing it to dry out all day, it finally switched back on just now. I promptly emailed myself all the chapters I hadn't backed up, so at least I have it all in case it goes out again.

Why? Why me?! Why NOW!!!

The good news? Magda wrote to say she wasn't really free until Monday evening. . . . and she seems hopeful I'll pull this off. That was balm to my soul.

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