Sunday, October 7, 2007

minus 16 - going a bit faster now

It's after midnight - so technically into day 16-days-to-go. I took a break from agonizing over just how it is that liberal democracies have increasingly become convinced that the religious voice really ought to be quiet, even if they have a constitutional right to speak, and even if there is no way to force them to be quiet if they don't do it voluntarily. Break time was used to find a numeral picture. Then I decided I'd go ahead and post that now, even if I don't write much else.

I'm still in a dither with ever so much to cover still.

I'll work a couple more hours - get good and tired - and then crash.

I get up about 7:30 or 8 every morning - to the king's coffee. We sit on the porch and watch the community awaken. And talk. It's a time I don't like to give up, even if I didn't get much sleep. And this isn't like me, ms. sleep-all-the-hours-you-can-and-certainly-till-noon!

Marriage has changed me.

I wonder what the doctorate will do?

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