Monday, September 10, 2007

this is dangerous

For a writer, nothing is more dangerous than: "You have another week to finish that _________[fill-in-the-blank for whatever it is]."

At least for this writer. Maybe there are other writers out there whose writing does not expand to fit the expanded timeframe. Maybe they actually finish early and go to the beach! Or get their nails done. . . .

Then again, maybe not.

This one doesn't. This one feels the lift of pressure and somehow finds a corresponding lack of words. A reduction in the pull of gravity to the chair in front of the table on which sits the computer and the feeling of: I. Can't. Sit. Here. Any. Longer. (and I have another whole week before the last chapter could even be read by my tutor - so la, la, la-la, la, la! maybe I'll go to the beach!)


This will take some serious self-deception.

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