Tuesday, September 25, 2007

backwards, as usual

Why is it so easy to write here, when each word of the dissertation is like pulling teeth?

And actually it's not so easy today. I'm feeling antsy and icky - there's a term of art for you: "Icky". sigh.

The good news is that I realized (writing a friend) that there's LOTS of stuff I could be doing that's a whole lot worse than my current allotment of what I should be doing.

Writing my dissertation, for instance, is a whole lot better than:

1. Being shot at in a foreign land. (or in one's homeland, either, for that matter). Ok, so: Being shot at.
2. Being in prison.
3. Having nothing to do.
4. Having grueling labor to do, in hard circumstances, with little reward.
5. Cleaning feces.
6. Make-work in retail - "Look busy!"
7. Spending the day with the 'difficult' person (whether they bore you to tears or drive you up the wall).

I'm sure there's more I could think of, but it's better that I think of ethics and its proper relationship with the law. Because that's where I'm spending my day, and grateful I am, not to be shot at.

Not yet, anyway.

I think that might come later. The viva voce. . . .

Anyway - here's a bit of Clannad. Can you believe I never knew that was Bono singing, too? I always liked the voice. . . . good to see a bit of Ireland. I could use a bit of sideways rain and a steaming pub. The king and I remarked just this last Friday that you know you've been away from Ireland too long when the Guinness outside of Ireland starts to taste good. Our Guinness at the local Irish pub-lookalike was tasting pretty good. . . .

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