Thursday, September 27, 2007

. . . and now for something completely different

Did I mention that we've been waiting on a building permit?


Strange that should have slipped my mind. . . .

Today, we discovered that our county wants us to send our hugely expensive engineer back to our forest to redo all the topographical surveys we've already had to have done - but now with GPS capabilities so that our contractor won't have to deal with working out the actual elevations "in the field". . . .

Maybe we can build a virtual house, too, so we don't have to deal with working out the problems of actual construction and the costs thereof?!

I am increasingly surprised that anyone gets anything done anymore. It just seems that everything is just SO DANGED COMPLICATED! Oh, and when I tried to reschedule a doctor's appointment that's in the middle of this month, to the middle of next month (after the dissertation deadline) the incredibly helpful clerk first cancelled my appointment, and then told me I couldn't get a new one until JANUARY. And no, she couldn't give me the other one back because someone else had taken that one already. And no. . . . there is no cancellation list.

I told her: "I'm going to hang up now. I'm sorry. I'm getting very angry. No - I don't want to talk to you anymore - I'm going to hang up now and deal with this later. No - I'm hanging up now. . . . ."

I want to go knit. Or work on one of my quilts. I don't want to do this anymore. Can I stop now? Please?

sheesh. . . .

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