Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the lawn is always greener. . . .

In California, 2,700 registered sex offenders have been told they will have to move because they are in violation of a new law that prohibits them from living within 2000 feet of a school or park. 2000 feet. That's almost 7 football fields away. And that can make life difficult for someone looking for a place to live back in society. California anticipates that many will end up homeless. Their plan? Make them call their probation officer every day to report where they spent the night.

That'll help. I'm sure.

In Florida, some registered sex offenders have had to move out onto a causeway, under a bridge in order to comply with Florida's more restrictive 2500 feet (almost a half mile) from any school, park, and 'other places where children might gather'. Chucky Cheese, maybe, or McDonalds?

Meanwhile, 70 Betty Perry was arrested last week in Utah for failing to water her lawn. A police officer confronted her at the home, demanded that she identify herself (dangerous lawn-not-waterer that she is!), and then arrested her when she refused to cooperate.

What have we come to?!

We're imprisoning people for failing to maintain grass in a desert state, and we're releasing sex offenders in California and Florida and then making it impossible for them to live anywhere. Maybe they could go take care of Betty's lawn? Turns out Utah doesn't have any restrictions about where sex offenders live. Yet.

So long as their lawn is green.

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Non-Essential Equipment said...

Oh God. Don't get me started on these sex offender laws. They don't work. Period. Violent sexual predators, like most predators, do not hunt where they sleep.

But as long as the websites and the soundbytes make us feel better...