Tuesday, September 4, 2007

still going. . . .

I'm not quite the eveready bunny, here, but I am SO tired of the same old thing. Banging the same drum. Sitting at the same table. Wrestling the same demons.

On top of the mental pressure, there is now the new challenge of the physical to overcome. It seems no matter what chair I sit in, my legs start to fall asleep. And if not asleep, then a sort of sciatica pain in the left leg. And at night, I swear there's a mosquito that lives under the table and comes out to feast. . . . All this is new. Not welcome.

But hey! The king is still for me and I got a goodly portion of new chapter 4 done last night (having scrapped plan A) and this will be what it will be.

And it's a new day.

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