Tuesday, January 8, 2008

nothing to say. . . .

I have nothing to say - really - but I can probably say it in 500 words or more. Dissertation-speak, you know. Actually, I've gotten a bit out of the dissertation habit and I fear I have not yet entered into the viva voce read-and-get-into-the-dissertation-defense mind set.

But I don't want to talk about that.

The pressure ought to build up enough in a week or so to the point where I'll have no choice but to talk about it, but I've still got a coupla days of dissimulation left in me. . . . Meanwhile, I'm not sleeping well, and - when I do sleep - I'm dreaming wierd dreams, like the one the day before yesterday, which involved airlifted elephants floating overhead, and the threat of one of them being lowered on me. As Dave Barry says: "I am not making this up." Or at least I'm not making up the fact that I dreamt about it. . . .

The long-awaited house is finally being built: we have a foundation, and actual walls now. Today, we had to make the final decision on the roof shingle. Don't ask. Do you have any idea how many different shades of gray they have for roofing tiles?!

I'm feeling a little sorry for myself because the rest of my family leaves tomorrow for our usual 2 weeks down in the islands. "We" decided that, because of the ongoing construction and the fact that next month I have to travel to Ireland for the viva, we ought to forego the usual trip the first 2 weeks of January. And it makes perfect sense - don't get me wrong - but I am still trying not to whine about it. Here, let me show you what I'm missing.There now. Don't you feel sorry for me?


Somehow I didn't think you would.

The good news is that it's supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow. No beaches. No palm trees. But at least I won't be freezing for the next couple of days!

Well now, on that positive note, let me end and then see if I can go get some sleep free from dropping elephants. tomorrow's a whole 'nother day, with building materials to select, price and order, a trip out to the site, and then a funeral. . . .

Hoo buoy. Well that positive note was short lived. No worries though. Tomorrow's another day. Thank God.

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