Friday, January 11, 2008

elvas update

Thought I'd forgotten, eh?

Oh no. It's impossible to forget these guys. They dominate the living room! Let's start again at the beginning. Day one:Several days later, the ptero hatchlings:Oops! Trouble in paradise. . . .These two want to be together:I guess three's a crowd. Fine. I'll just go off on my own.I think he likes television.Check it out - football! My favorite.The playoffs! The 'Skins lost. . . .Meanwhile, the other two have split up. One insists on standing upright. The other is doing an imitation of a reading light. I like that in a flower.Here's the overall picture: reading lamp to left; mr. upright in the center; football-friend to the right.

It's hard to get a good shot of the blossom straight on. Here's friend-o-football in profile to the right.

And yes, they do rather look like the picture on the cover (below).

I just can't figure out how that photographer got his blossoms to stay in such close proximity to one another. Mine won't have anything to do with anyone else. And don't be talking to me about the sun - we've got guys facing in every direction here, so rotating them to 'follow' the sun is clearly not an option.

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