Tuesday, January 29, 2008

bluebird of happiness

It must be the cartoons that have spawned that particular image. . . . Snow White, probably. Wasn't there a bluebird of happiness in that one, carrying the train of Snow White's gown?


I like bluebirds. Of course, I'd never seen an actual bluebird until a week ago, when I saw two of them, flying across a field just down the road from the greenwood. I have aspirations of luring them to the meadow in front of our [almost-under-roof] house. I understand they like peanut butter. And they prefer man-made housing, on stakes. Not too high up. I have just the thing.

But there's a problem. Someone told me not too long ago that bluebirds are territorial, and drive off all the other birds.

Is it true, do you think? Our bird-watching books have not mentioned it. It does say that they're 'gregarious' and can live in large family groups, especially over winter. That's not so bad! But it doesn't say anything about "plays well with other species". . . .

Hmmm. More research is needed, clearly. Luckily, I have time before I have to make a decision whether or not to court them. Moreover, just putting out the preferred feed and housing is far from a guarantee that my desired bluebird of happiness will materialize.

Meanwhile, I feel oppressed at the prospect of full-time "work" outside of my house (1), the moths that have [apparently] invaded my closet judging by the pinholes I keep finding in favorite sweaters and blazers (2), and legal cases involving money disputes (3).

I don't like money disputes.

I don't like disputes - not really. And yet I pick fights. Or maybe it's that I point out conflict. I dunno. . . .

Two of my go-to writer friends have been scribbling along these lines as well. Lee Anne at Adorable Device of Destruction - in her posting about a flattened culture of happiness - and Non-Essential Equipment, who apparently got some people worked up by posting about faith issues and the question of 'non-believability'.

More thought. Clearly needed.

Note to self: Without conflict, there is no story. "Happily ever after" marks The End.


Lee Anne said...

I seem to remember my grandmother saying something about bluebirds: "perty but mean as all git out." No, I think that was the cardinal.

Note to self: learn more about birds.

I like your "note to self." Still pondering the happiness question...

tj said...

...Hello, you will by all means
w-a-n-t Bluebirds at your place! They are beneficial and beautiful and no, they do not chase off all the other birds. We have oodles of bluebirds at our place and love 'em all! So welcome them to your heart's content...you'll be glad you did! :o)

...May the Bluebird of Happiness bring you just that - "Happiness"! lol... ;o)

...Blessings... :o)

prophet said...

yes indeed, the "happiness" question will keep me busy for a while, yet! I've enjoyed your thoughts on it, Lee Anne. . . .

Thanks for the bluebird info, TJ - it's quite a relief to know that (if any ever do show up, they may be expected to 'live and let live'. I've never cared much for bullies. (and no, I'm not neutral about it at all! grin)

Anonymous said...

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Hope for no silence