Tuesday, January 1, 2008

day one. . . .

a new year. Amazing!

Resolutions? I've never been big on them, myself. But it occurs to me that if you fail to aim at anything, you'll hit it every time. . . . Hit nothing, that is.

Better to aim for something.

My "resolution" is to start walking every day. We're hoping to get a dog when the house is built, and I'd thought to use that as an excuse motivation to walk every day. But I think now that that won't do at all. If I won't walk for myself, I won't walk because of the dog. I'll just kick him out the back door when he has to go, and/or stand around, tapping my foot, until he's done his "business". Not a good way to bond either with the dog or to incorporate daily exercise and fresh air into my system!

So: walkabout is on, PRE-canine, in the hopes that it will endure, post-canine-arrival.

Here's where we walked today, out at the greenwood. I never tire of it.


Lee Anne said...

Isn't Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice considered "a great walker"? Sometimes I like to imagine myself a great Austen walker as I'm taking my dog out for a stroll. Then I'm thankful I don't have to bother with fussy skirts.

prophet said...

Every time I watch one of those movies I am overwhelmed by thinking of the muck that must have been soaked up by the long skirts. . . . And have you ever tried walking up stairs in a long skirt with your hands full and not otherwise free to hoist the skirt to avoid stepping on it?!

Still, I do like long skirts. . . .

And yes, I believe it was Lizzy whom the insufferable Caroline Bingley allowed as being "a great walker" - at least in the movie. . . .

I used to be quite a walker myself - but it's counted as rather odd here in the States. . . . Many places don't even have sidewalks anymore!

Hey - good to hear from you, and hope you're better soon!