Friday, November 9, 2007

uggghhh. . . .

I did read about "post-dissertation depression", but thought they were kidding.

I'm feeling decidedly depressed though. Yep. That's the word. "Depressed." It's wierd. I can't really get into anything and I'm finding it hard to concentrate. I run around doing little bits of this and that - not enough to really make much of a difference in anything, but I have succeeded in making an even bigger mess than what I started with. And the mess already there was substantial! Due - of course - to the dissertation and lack of tidying-time and poor organization skills while submerged in legal, philosophical and theological minutia. . . .

I have no excuse now, though.

New topic: Thanksgiving is going to be strange this year. I was looking forward to a nice quiet Thanksgiving meal at home, perhaps with Emancipated Son #1 (plus wife). ES1's mother, however (i.e., the king's EX-WIFE), who recently moved back to the area, invited everyone to her house (including me and the king - can you say "there is NO WAY?!!!?") and now it appears that all of the king's family - including his sister, her husband, 2 children, and one grandchild - are going to the ex-wife's house. We get his mom. My parents are going on a cruise.

I'm having a hard time with this.

When I called my mother - w(ho may normally be counted on for a good griping session if you pick the appropriate topic, and I thought this one would be a grand slam. . . .) - advised that she'd just finished her Bible study and perhaps I'd enjoy reading Matthew chapter 6, which talks about "not worrying." She thought that just might be a good approach to take. This is not my mother's usual response.

On the one hand, I was delighted to see evidence of her applying Biblical principles to her life. Really: that's splendid!

On the other hand, looks like I'm out of a good griping partner. She learns quick, does my mom.

I'm still put out about Thanksgiving, though. I just think it's wierd.

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