Saturday, November 3, 2007

the alligator

We found him on the bank this morning and Ernie photographed him with a long lens. . . . At the sound of our voices he went into the water and swam over closer to where we were, remaining submerged except for his eyes and nose. We lured him out by throwing brazil nuts.

Why is it no one ever eats the brazil nuts in the mixed nut mix?

He came up on land and ate at least one. I hope Ernie will email me the picture - it came out great!

Other than that, today was another slow day. We got up around 8 or 9, drank coffee, and then went for a walk. Lunch at noon - battered grouper sandwich - (many comments about the battered groupers group and how no one ever does anything for battered groupers. . . .) and then back for another nap!

How many naps can one woman reasonably require?!

Time now to go get ready for the wedding. I fear I'm going to freeze. . . . I did not bring enough warm clothes!

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