Friday, November 2, 2007

the bird

The king was up before dawn to golf again. This is impressive. He's not normally quite so keen.

Yesterday, he tells me he was playing more of a croquet than golf. . . . and he sank quite a few water shots. The aligators prevent much water retrieval activity!

The maids arrived at 9, and let in a small black bird, who flew straight into our room, in between the plantation shutter slats, and then fluttered up and down the window in a right panic. Poor little thing! I got the shutters open, and managed to get a small towel around his body and transported him outside. He was terrified, but calmed down as I held him. He flew away quick enough when I got him outside, though!

Interesting to think how destructive we can be when we're frightened, and in a strange environment, and facing what looks to be death - but which might actually be help from 'outside'. . . . .

It was an odd sort of visitation to start the day. I've continued to think about how I struggle against my circumstances - especially when I don't know where I am or where I am going/being taken - and resist, to my own detriment. . . .

Well - it's after noon now. And time for lunch at the Tikki Bar. sigh. Then maybe a nap. grin! Oh yeah. Just what the doctor ordered.

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