Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm back. . . .

Out of the turkey coma. The king has gained 2 pounds - net - I've avoided the problem by avoiding the scale.

Neat trick, eh?

Let's see. When last we spoke, an enormous bird was going into the oven, predawn, with predawn-gathered herbs.
(didn't that look good?!)

Here's what it looked like, out of the oven.

A work of art, wouldn't you say?

We've been having left-overs ever since. Repeat Thanksgiving dinners and now soup. Tonight I think I'll do a turkey pot pie. . . .

Just for a change.

Thanksgiving day was glorious - and gloriously warm. We opened up the house again, and the 'kids' (i.e. everyone except me, my ex-stepmother, and the king's mum) ate outside. I couldn't quite see my way clear to leaving the two mums on their own (one no longer sees real well, the other no longer hears real well, it's quite entertaining. . . .) so I sat at the table just inside the door with them, and ran back and forth.

A good time was had by all, though, I do believe.

I figured out afterwards that the only non-fattening thing on the menu was the turkey itself - and that was taken care of by copious amounts of gravy.

(and the gravy turned out great, by the way, even though I had an audience watching me prepare it - from scratch - no recipe - talk about pressure [if only trying to remember to rinse the spoon after every tasting so they wouldn't think/know I double-dip with the tasting spoon] )

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

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