Wednesday, July 16, 2008

turn around's fair play

ok . . . . so if Luther persists in seeing me as a chewable treat - how's this for a new way of seeing him?

Granted, it's not of Luther. . . . but this just makes me smile. Thanks to Cleaner Plate Club, who pointed out this very fun art exhibit with food. It's the work of Saxton Freymann, and a slide show of some of his work can be found here.

I love one "Play with your Food" book of his, which features an orange as a crying baby on the cover. Then there's Dog Food and Fast Food.

Very whimsical.

Now. If only I can get Luther to play with his food, instead of seeing me as potential chow. . . .

1 comment:

Lee Anne said...

Barley passed through that stage fairly quickly, but he absolutely destroys every toy or rawhide bone within an hour. He doesn't know when to quit. We have to get him indestructible bones else we have dog toy innards all over the place.