Thursday, July 10, 2008

levity, anyone? (Gen. Salami & Veggie Tales)

Hossein Salami is a name that makes me laugh. I don't know why, but General Salami just strikes me as funny.

Something out of Veggie Tales.

Unfortunately, the more I hear about this guy - a top guy in Iran's "Republican Guard" - the more I think he's on a mission to live down his name. Two missile "tests" in two days - to show Iran's 'toughness and resolve', apparently - and a personal background in so-called martyr-recruitment: the finding and training of people willing to blow themselves up so that America will be afraid, very afraid.

I wonder how he gets past what I imagine would be the potential recruit's primary objection, namely that the recruit himself will be dead, very dead?

Anyway, Salami's not written about too much that I've found with a cursory search, but this lady wrote about him, past missile tests (2006), and Condaleeza Rice's comment about Iran's "Salami tactics" - which I now understand has nothing at all to do with General Salami, the name notwithstanding.

OK. Time for a verse of the "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" - Salami's intentions apparently to the contrary.

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Lee Anne said...

Fascinating and well-written rhetorical analysis by Kramer on "salami tactics," will have to look into further when I'm not reading blogs as a dissertation avoidance maneuver.

Yes, the news from yesterday is making me twitchy... especially with the Pilot's upcoming deployment. Lots of things making me twitchy these days...

In other news, I'm sorry to hear about the property tax debacle.