Saturday, July 26, 2008

please, Mr. Toucan

Mir over at Woulda Coulda Shoulda recently wrote about razors with citrus-scented handles and I thought to myself "Well, citrus isn't SO bad. . . ."

I'm getting concerned now, though. I think that a bunch of tropical fruit parasites have taken over the women's hair-removal industry. Maybe a Toucan. What is it with the scents they're using in women's shaving gels these days?!

These were my choices yesterday, at the Giant:

Tropical Splash
Melon Splash
Wild Berry
Alluring Advocado [Wha. . .?]
Raspberry Rain
Melon Burst
Flirty Mango
Baby Soft
Soothing Lavender

I finally settled for what seemed the least offensive, an aloe/vitamin E formula for "sensitive skin". (I've tried the lavender and it is far from "soothing". "Cloying" is a better descriptive. And I do not enjoy smelling like a baby.)

Who is it that figured out that all women shaving their legs want to smell like a tropical fruit punch or fruit melee?!

Gimme a little citrus any day. Lemon verbena is always nice. Or mint, maybe. Something a bit more herbal - maybe even a little floral, if you promise not to go overboard on me.

Just cut it out with all the tropical passion fruits!

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