Thursday, July 10, 2008

sullen musings

How is it, that in an economy suffering under a housing bust, our latest proposed property tax assessment went UP 30%?

Oh, and the "homestead" exemption (which would limit the new assessment to no more than 10%, I think it is) doesn't apply to us, because we don't actually live there yet - BECAUSE THE STUPID COUNTY GOVERNMENT TOOK SO LONG TO GIVE US A BUILDING PERMIT for which we paid handsomely. Oh - and did I mention the IMPACT TAX - you know, for all schools and stuff my non-existent children won't be attending? Even if we did live there now - which we don't. But when we DO live there, they will tax us even MORE because there'll be a HOUSE THERE - don'tcha know. With people living in it.

So they get a triple bonus - first an extra increase of property tax because we don't live there, "impact" tax even though we don't live there, and then the house tax add-on when we do live there.

There are times when I really hate our "government" - at least the part of it that takes so much money out of our pockets and then - like magic! - POOF!!! it's gone.

Where to? Wellllll. . . . . . that's another story.

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