Thursday, July 17, 2008

in which it seems all our cars have to be replaced at once

Granted, my old convertible from my lawyer "golden days" has seen better days, and we had made the decision to replace it - eventually - with a nice sedan of some sort rather than spend the money needed to restore it. An '87 B-mer convertible is a great little classic car - but hey! - it's an '87 with hundreds of thousands of miles on it.

The king's jeep, on the other hand, we thought we'd be able to keep for a good long time. It's the bigger jeep - very comfy and very handsome - and Luther rides comfortably, so that was going to be my vehicle.

You will note the past tense.

When the 1987 raggedy-ass B-mer rag-top without air conditioning becomes the "reliable" car of the enterprise, the king steps in. The jeep is in for its last fix and then it's history. He had it a good 7 years, but enough is apparently enough.

To replace it? Probably another jeep. But a smaller 6 cylinder, this time. Or maybe a smaller Land Rover? But I've heard horror stories of the cost of repairs. I just think they look cool. Then again, I think the little Scion x-box guys are the cutest things going! Apparently, though, they neither get great gas mileage nor does their 4-cylinder engine give adequate power.


Well - we're on a mission. Input welcomed. Vital: cargo room for the beast.


Non-Essential Equipment said...

The BMW X3 is a great little ride. Or there's always a Honda, too.

Good luck! Car shopping is always that weird mix of exciting/stress.

Lee Anne said...

Hondas are always good. We have a Chevy Equinox--affordable, big, and since it sits on a car frame, gets really good gas mileage.

prophet said...

Well. . . . the jeep has been limping along, and since the repairs are still less (on average) than a car payment, now we're probably going to continue to wait a little longer. A friend of mine got the Mini Clubman - I've got to measure that cargo bay to see if Luther will fit - it gets 38 mpg city/ over 40 highway! man. . . . and it's SO cute. . . .

But I don't think Luther will fit. Bummer!