Tuesday, March 4, 2008

strange thought-fellows

Lately, my days have been taken with thoughts of design, decor, and money. Time factors in there as well, insofar as having to keep up with the construction process, and trying to balance outlay of money, ordering stuff, and considering replacement of money - i.e., namely by engaging in work-for-pay. What a concept!

It has effectively silenced much of my reflective thought, not to mention creativity. The bulk of my creativeness seems channeled these days into daydreaming about my garden and compulsive knitting. I have quite a stack of new neckwear, a gorgeous turquoise vest, and a growing pi shawl in a lace-weight Malabrigo in "Bobby Blue" [pictured].

I would have called it turquoise.

I've slowly started adding some colour back into my wardrobe. Notably, I see it still largely takes the shape of things that go about my neck or shoulders. For years, traveling as I did, I had restricted myself largely to black - adding only a silk scarf in colour - as the easiest to travel with and as calling the least amount of attention to itself. I wanted a basic well-done "uniform" that always looked nice, but didn't need to be fussed with. Black pants are black pants, after all, and occasion little comment.

Ditto: the black skirt.

The one place where style entered into the equation was in the matter of the jacket. There, you could have the short jacket, the fitted jacket, the boxy blazer, the peplum, double-breasted/single-breasted, the military cut, hacking jacket, or even a long coat. . . . Lots of choices! Not to mention textures.

Now that I'm a bit more settled, I find myself a bit more adventurous, colour-wise. Old habits die hard, though, so I still find myself edging to the black where pants, skirts and jackets are concerned. But in knitting, black is so hard to see! So I've allowed myself the luxury - there - of colour. Currently, it's turquoise. I think that looks nice with black - especially with a bit of silver.

As you see, I'm all flighty these days. Not at all what one would expect of a 'doctor of philosophy'. I expect it's reactionary. I'm feathering my nest and collecting shiny things, like any other self-respecting corvid.

I expect I'll resume my croakings soon enough.


Momma Em said...

I'd call it turquoise as well.
Hi, I found your site through a comment you left on W.C.S. today.

Lee Anne said...

Oooh! What are you planning for your garden? I need to start my own daydreaming.

prophet said...

Hi Momma Em! and welcome. Mir cracks me up. . . . Glad you stopped by, by way of her place!

I see you, too, are a Jane Austen fan - meet Lee Anne, if you please, who's working on her dissertation Austen-related, and wishing instead to dream about her garden!

I know what you're up to, Lee Anne. . . . ah yes. Much better to be garden-dreaming. . . . . [sound of whip crack in background] ok! enough garden dreaming!

Nah. . . . Don't mind me. Let's get back to the garden. . . . For this year I can't do much. There's too much heavy equipment squashing everything and generally churning the ground to mud. I will find a place for some perennials that need to be moved, however - and that'll probably be it this year! I'll continue reading up on wildflower meadows, and then this fall we should be in the house, and I can start with some trees, and then naturalized daffodils everywhere, and digging up and framing out an herb garden for next spring. . . .

I can hardly wait! What do you have planned? One day, I hope to be able to actually grow edible things - what a concept!