Sunday, March 23, 2008


I watched the Ten Commandments last night - good ole Charlie Heston and Yul Brenner. . . . [WARNING: explicit "religious" content ahead]

The thing that really amazed me was the screenwriters' liberal use of scripture throughout the movie, and not just from the "time in question".

For example, there were repeated references to 'waiting on the Deliverer' - the one foretold - who would lead the Israelites out of bondage. There was even an old blind man, on the verge of death, who (having seen Moses) pretty much said: "Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, for my eyes have seen your salvation [your Deliverer], which you prepared in the sight of people. . . ."

Good as far as it goes, but interesting to remember that this didn't come until the new testament part of the Bible. . . . Well after Moses.

It's the story of Simeon, in fact, as told in the book of Luke, in chapter 2, when he sees Jesus. Funny how we get all these stories all mixed up. It all sounds good, and rolls off the tongue and feels vaguely "holy" - or at least powerful. But there's a big difference between waiting on Moses and waiting on Jesus.

Just like there's a big difference between the crucifixion and the empty tomb - the risen Christ.

Of course, we don't really have to deal too much with either of them over Easter, unless we absolutely insist. Instead, we have rabbits, chicks, eggs, flowers, chocolate, grass, baskets, food (ham or lamb?), Spring! and all the rites of Spring and the return of growing things. An empty tomb? Whatever. . . .

My mother sent me a "religious" email forward-thingee: a make-believe mock-up of Jesus' obituary. It talked about who Jesus was and what he did, including his 'recent death on the cross for the "sins of all mankind".' It ended with the notation that his mother, friends, and family requested "no flowers or donations" but that in lieu of that, we would all "go and do likewise", i.e.: live like Jesus.

That's it?

That's easter?

Go live like Jesus, eh?

I sent my mother an email back:
They left out the best part. He is risen! He's ALIVE.
God bless her, she wrote back:
'Great minds' and all that: that's what I sent back to the person who sent this to me. . . .

That's radical enough:
He is alive.
If we get just that through our heads, it would make such a difference.

Meanwhile, there's a lot of spring 'springing' around here, and - boy - if I had chicks aobut, I'd sure be happy watching their new little lives cheeping about. . . .

We're having neither ham nor lamb, but roast beef. And Yorkshire puddings (which I'm a bit worried about, never having tried them before), and I have several pounds of vegetables to wash, chop and stage for last-minute prep when the roast is done, so I'd better hop to it.

I'll be rehearsing my easter mantra, however, just so's the chocolate doesn't take hold and take over: He is risen. He is alive.

Thank God! Hope He likes what we're having for dinner.

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