Thursday, March 20, 2008

the protest song

I protest. No one is singing about what bothers me.

Does no one care?

Maybe it's that I can't quite figure out what's bothering me. I'm bothered - I know that - and feel generally pessimistic about where "we're" heading. And I want to protest. Or at least have an anthem song I can grab hold of.

Recently, though, our "protests" are supposedly on behalf of other people. We "protest" against the war in Iraq - the poor Iraqis. . . . those poor soldiers (unless, of course, they're hurting the poor Iraqis). The 'poor' Palestinians. . . . the Jena Sixians. . . . whatever African country is currently killings its inhabitants, or those of the neighboring country. . . . and let's not forget "Free Tibet" and "Save the Whale."

There's more. LOTS more.

But I can't get myself real worked up about that when it seems that everywhere I look is evidence of a general moral decline - decay, even - that makes worrying about others seem a bit out of place. I'm worried about us. Us, of the reality TV dramas, the Brittney fiasco's, American "idols", call girl dramas and client numbers, followed by the replacement politician's preliminary (and pre-emptive) confession of mere run-of-the-mill infidelity, an imploding stockmarket, magic money & Fed bail-outs, natural disasters, foreclosures, and billions spent on American Political Gladiators. 'It's the economy, stupid'? Maybe it's more than that.

I wish I could conjure up a "change I could believe in", but I don't trust it.

I don't trust us.

Maybe that's the problem. I have seen - not the 'promised land' - but the blackness of our own human hearts, the 'land of the damned.' It is us. It appears inescapable. If ever a people needed 'saving', we are it.

Don't make me get my guitar. . . .

PS - since then, I found a posting Music to Protest By. Interesting, as far as it goes. Most interesting that most of the music is from some time ago.

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