Tuesday, August 28, 2007

it ain't over till it's over

There was full lunar eclipse last night. This morning, I guess I should say. I got all excited about it because I was actually still up and thought "What a great opportunity! I get to see a FULL lunar eclipse!"

Now that's lookin' on the bright side of STILL BEING AWAKE AT 3:30 a.m, eh?

I did the research to determine the precise time only to determine that I would certainly be awake, but the moon would already have set. The lunar eclipse would go on alright - but safely out of view. Below the horizon.


Alright. Back to chapter 3. Whose idea was this? Right.

No, you can't go to sleep yet. You're not even tired. Ok. So maybe you're tired, but you're wound up; you won't sleep. You might just as well sit right here in front of that computer and type. One. . . . slow. . . . word. . . . at. . . .a . . . .time. . . . .




two whole lines! pause. Type in lengthy quote just for the pleasure of zipping words on paper. Delete. Save.

I'm hoping that the clear thinking I need to complete this has been going on below my horizon. In the meantime, it ain't over. And I guess I should be glad about that - because it ain't done! Not yet.

But oh! boy! when it is. . . . .

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