Tuesday, April 29, 2008

calling all dog names

I need a dog name.

Two syllables.

So there's your answer to the ethical dilemma, we're getting the dog.

We still don't know if it'll be boy blue or green boy, it turns out that a "repeat" owner (who wants to show) gets first choice. I don't mind much, which surprised me. I realized I didn't want the "responsibility" of choosing between the two. I prefer the "given" in this instance. [step away from the parallel question of choice and genetic engineering. . . .]

Did I mention that we'd driven the 100+ miles to meet these dogs? No?

Turns out that boy blue shows a lot more personality. Greenboy looks like he is going to be the larger of the two - so he may have just been busy growing into himself to let personality show. I'll be happy with either one.

I'm busy reading about puppy training and trying to find a good name. Today I came across Argus - a mythological "watcher" - a giant with 100 eyes.

Any suggestions?

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