Friday, April 11, 2008

verbal arsenal

I've posted about A.Word.a.Day before. Here, here, and here.

This week, Anu (the guy who writes it) put together a lovely selection of people-descriptives:


This, in an effort to reduce the high incidental use of such placeholders as "good" or "nice." (although these words don't mean 'good' or 'nice'. . . .)

Pavid and piker were new - although when I read the definition of piker - "A stingy person, a cautious gambler, or one who does things in a small way." - I recalled having heard it used in that context by British-speaking English users.

Pavid, now, is an entirely new one for me. "Timid and fearful." Pavid.

I like it!

I also like the heavy weaponry of being able to call someone a pusillanimous piker.

Then I can imagine the road to hell - or perhaps war - paved with pavid intentions. . . .

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