Sunday, February 17, 2008


meaning: I leave for the airport in 2 and a half hours. . . .

I have learned (1) I don't seem able to travel as light as I used to, (2) notwithstanding #1, above, it is still not possible to bring all my books with me (not that I'd have time to read them all again), and (3) it will take considerably more concentration than I have so far expended to retain the bit of the dissertation title that follows the colon after the 'snappy bit'. Oh - and it might be good if I actually did make it through the entire dissertation (meaning: read it - at least once!)

I'm taking a copy with me - of course - and maybe I can read it on the plane.

Then again, I'm taking my new knitting project: Elizabeth Zimmerman's pi shawl, and I suspect I'll be working on that quite a lot to mask my terror.

That, and red wine ought to do the trick.

I feel like such a fraud.

But. . . . wanted to sign off for a bit - I don't know that I'll be posting while overseas, getting worked up for this trial by voice. The viva voce. I'll be lucky if I can remember my name.

Those who pray? Please pray. Those who don't - carry on doing whatever it is you do and/or are led to do, considering my plight. Comments and/or encouraging emails would be welcome. See you when it's over. . . .


Ewa said...

I am a reader of your blog and just decided to give you the award for excellence :) so, please come over to pick it up by clicking :)
Greetings and all the best to your travel.

Lee Anne said...

Best of luck! Sending good thoughts, prayers, meditations! I know you'll do great!