Monday, February 11, 2008

another view

I have linked to this lady (Elizabeth Perry) before. She posts a sketch every day - and has been doing so now for a couple of years.

Today's sketch really helped pull my expectations of travel out of the gutter. How strange that a little pen, ink and colour wash could renew my excitement of the adventure and glamour of going overseas - my word! Here I've been, dreading it.

The crowds. The lines. The squalling children. The dirty seats, trays, tables and sticky armrests. The floors that don't bear close examination. The smells. The obnoxious people. More lines. Travel documents. Heavy burdens (why does paper weigh so much?!) Personal space invasions. Sleep deprivation. General anxiety about missing one's plane, or connection, or losing luggage or money or just in general. . . . general anxiety.

I used to travel very well. Elizabeth Perry's sketch has pointed me back towards what I used to know. I can still travel light, and expectantly.

I leave on Sunday.


Elizabeth Perry said...

Bon Voyage - and thanks for the kind words!

prophet said...

You're very welcome. . . .

Thank you!