Monday, August 4, 2008

random blatherings

The stuff that has been on my mind hardly bears notice. It is not particularly interesting; certainly not compelling; practically boring.

But it's exhausting to me, the one carrying it all around.

Boxes to be packed; number, size, and location of towel racks to determine (and I found a great sale of bathroom fixtures of this sort at Pottery Barn - if you can imagine - and did you know that toilet paper holders ROUTINELY go for $30 and $40 and up?!!); the dog to pee, poop, walk, brush, feed & water; food shopping and prep; colour, type and price of tile in the new bath (ok - $10 a square foot, but we have HOW MANY square feet?!!!); family and friends to try and keep some point of contact with. . . . . laundry; graduation plans; start work in 3 weeks; call the post office before 10 a.m. so you can speak to the mail "delivery person" and negotiate where the mail box will go; arrange for the rental house chimney to be cleaned even though we've never used it; call the builder: "When will you show me carpet samples? I will need more than 10 minutes to decide what I want. No - we've been through this before. You show me what's "in your price" - then I'll decide if I need to go pick something else. . . ."

I'm tired again. . . . time for a nap. . . .

Even Luther is sleeping. Might be a good time to be able to catch a shower.

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