Sunday, August 3, 2008

one more line

Dogs get a whole lot more excited about seeing another dog than people do about seeing other people

P.S. photo above courtesy of Deuce, the dog, [in front, with his back to us] over at Black Dog Diary, whose human has been educating me about the faux pas of 'hotlinking'. . . . My apologies for uneducated transgressions! I'm seriously impressed with dogs' abilities to get even their humans to interact with one another. All in all? A very good thing.


leslie said...

Hello Prophet!
Saw that you linked to the photo of my dog, Deuce, at the dog park!
May I ask that you save the picture to your own computer, by right clicking on the picture, doing a "save as", and reposting the pic? That way it will not be hotlinking to my bandwidth.
And I agree...dogs do seem to genuinely be more excited to meet other dogs!

leslie said...

Deuce here, Prophet!
I love how handsome I am in that picture. I wish Luther could come to the dog park with me. We would have a very good time!
Glad you got to email Mom. She is very cool, and has lots of dog food.