Monday, May 19, 2008


It's going to be the blueboy, and he arrives tomorrow.

We still don't know about a name. There are two names still currently in the running, I think it'll be a matter of seeing which one sticks. . .


Lee Anne said...

I actually kinda like the name blue/bleu. He's a handsome fella.

Which names are in the running?

How exciting!

prophet said...

It's been very exciting! We made it through one whole night, and now a whole morning, and now he's back in his crate - exhausted - sleeping. I have to go to the store, while I can. This is like having a baby - except he's a whole lot more mobile! (and won't keep diapers on. . . .)

We were down to either Luther or Ransom - no one but me liked Ransom - so Luther it is. and he looks like a Luther!