Monday, December 3, 2007

viva voce

okey dokey then. Here's the first real mention of the viva voce. Latin, for "live voice." It is the oral defense of my thesis.

Notably, there's not much written about this process that I can find. There's a very helpful presentation here by Dr. David Twigg, and a postgraduate discussion huddle and support group here that takes on the topic on occasion. I did find this posting which takes on the difference between American versus European vivas, and this one, which gives greater insight into the British exemplar, which is of particular interest to me.

I heard from Magda today. Finally. The examiners have accepted and should get the manuscript tomorrow. So that puts me into February for the viva.

Rear in gear time! Back to some serious reading. It might be time also to read the dissertation again. Again? Actually for the first time, all at one sitting, that is. . . . I fear the typo. Oh Geordie-Geordie do I fear the typo! I'm sure there's tons of them. . . .

Then there's travel plans to make and accommodations to secure. And people to alert that I'll be in town - for after the viva, anyway. Although I'll have to be there a few days in advance. The time change heading East affects me pretty heavily for the first few days. As in: I can't think or speak! Fine. I can drink pints.

But to sum up, I think I need to do some more reading in my main guy, just to keep everything fresh and accessible. I will also read the dissertation several times - ditto: fresh & accessible - and start compiling an errata. It might also be a good idea to start thinking about what I think the weak points are, as well as the strengths, and to be prepared to discuss those.

Still in the spirit of Rembrandt - above is his painting of Hannah, the prophetess. Reading. . . .


Lee Anne said...

Good luck! The defense fascinates me. At my institution, the defense is public in order to discourage bad behavior on the part of the committee. I look forward to reading about yours. My defense is tentatively scheduled for August.

prophet said...

wow - didn't know you were scheduled already! [turning up heat & pressure. . . . grin]

I don't know whether a public defense would be a reassurance to me or a further element of stress. From arguing legal cases, though, I found that I tended to forget about the "audience" the moment I started arguing. [Unfortunately, I usually remembered them the moment I stopped, especially if my argument was not successful!]

Well - it is what it is, eh? Congratulations on your new home, Lee Anne, and best of luck as you move into your own doctoral home-stretch!