Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I love Lush; I hate Lush. . . .

I love Lush.

Specifically, their bath bombs.

More specifically still, the Avo bath bomb.*  (although I hate avocado, which is apparently an ingredient.  [?!!]  Don't let it put you off, though, there is nothing resembling avocado in the aroma or texture, although it does turn the water green.  Still, it is not an advocado green. . . .)

They've gone even further "green" and done away with the little plastic bags they used to use to bag the bombs.  That's fine.  Yellow paper bags are fine.  But not this.
Look at the fine print.  The bag asks to be re-used. ("Is there life after Lush?") Talk about a guilt trip.

Don't throw it out?  

Put it in my sock drawer?!  

How long before I have drawers of Lush bags instead of socks?!!!

I hate Lush.
*Man!  Checking out their website for the above links I found several other bath bombs that were not in the store, but sound heavenly. . . .  The geo-phyzz, the bon-bomb and fizzy O'therapy.
Looks like my sock drawers will be filling up, fast. Maybe they could have passed along the packaging savings to us, though, or give us a price break if we re-use the yellow bag to take more bath bombs home? Those things are expensive!

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prophet said...

thank you for the anonymous spell-check comment, correcting my spelling of avocado.

So kind.

So thoughtful.

Much appreciated!